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Welcome to Year One


Miss Holman, Miss Lonergan, Miss Malone, Mrs Allard, Mrs Blythe, Mrs Parker, and Miss Spicer are looking forward to a fun year ahead, filled with lots of exciting learning opportunities spread throughout the curriculum. We will ensure the transition between reception and year 1 is seamless, and that you feel happy and confident in your own abilities to succeed!


Over the year, we will look at a range of topics including 'Conquering Castles', 'Festivals','Africa', 'Under the Sea' and Wonderful Wallisdown! Some of these even include offsite educational experience to help you enhance your understanding of the topic. In 'Talk for Writing' you will learn loads of actions to help you retell well known stories then write them yourselves; or even change what happens! In maths, we will use lots of different practical equipment along with games and the computer to help you become maths geniuses!


So prepare yourselves for a thrilling journey that you won’t want to finish!!



Picture 1 Ms Allard Teaching Assistant (Year 1)
Picture 2 Miss Lonergan Teacher (Year 1)
Picture 3 Miss Holman Teacher (Year 1)
Picture 4 Miss Malone Teacher (Year 1)
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