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Miss Anderton Assistant Head, Teacher (Year 3)

Assistant Head, Teacher (Year 3)


I am Assistant Head of this School. I have taught for x number of years at Talbot Primary.


I have taught most subjects, but approximately 60% of the lessons I have taught over the years have been mathematics. Over the course of my career I have taught well over a thousand children, (more than one class in some years). I have taught children ranging in size from 1.2m to 1.85m. I have always enjoyed teaching and really love working with children, no two days are ever equal!

In my social life I love to travel. I have visited 72 countries, (some don’t even exist now) and used 63 types of currency, I have travelled on over a 300 flights in planes with only two seats to planes carrying hundreds of passengers. If each flight averages 4500 kilometres, how much is that? (I really love maths). I have used numerous types of transport, including planes, buses, tanks, boats, ox and cart, zebu and cart, dug-out canoes, ostriches, donkeys, elephants, skis, motor bikes, etc. I have seen the most beautiful places and met the most hospitable people you could ever imagine. As you can see travel is a great passion of mine!