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Miss Cocup PPA & French Teacher

Hello! My name is Miss Cocup, but I have been called Miss Cupcake recently!


I lived for 10 years in France and 3 years in Australia, but love the UK the most. I am lucky enough now to live in Swanage. Everyday, I enjoy catching the ferry to come to work.

People love coming to stay with me during the holidays. In the summer we occasionally meet Jonathan Ross down in the town, as he owns a farm in Swanage.

Six years ago, my family adopted an adorable Staffi from a Dog Sanctuary, and I have just welcomed a little Jack Russell with a big personality from a family going to Australia.

Although I used to be very sporty at school (especially netball) my main exercise now is dog walking, on the beach in winter and in the country park in Summer.

I am a vegetarian, but do eat eggs and cheese. My favourite vegetables are asparagus and avocado.
I love my family first and teaching a close second.