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Mr Waller Music Teacher

Mr Waller is Talbot Primary's drums and percussion teacher. He also leads the percussion ensemble which performs in school concerts throughout the year.
He teaches and encourages his pupils to play and practise all styles of music; from rock, pop, jazz, and latin. His percussion ensemble leading work has led him to teach African djembe groups, mixed percussion ensembles, samba bands, tuned percussion ensembles, and even steel pan bands.
He encourages pupils to work on and take Grade exams, which create goals for the pupil, and always tries to get the best out them.
Mr Waller keeps occupied in the week teaching at some top local schools, and 'gigs' regularly in musicals, weddings bands, pantomimes, and big bands. 
His performance career has taken him to many parts of the world by working as a drummer in the show bands for cruise liners, and touring with "Best of Musicals" throughout Europe.
He believes that to be a good music teacher, you have to be a passionate, working musician!