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Welcome to our page!

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Hello, thank you for coming to our page!

We our the Stormzy team!

The people in our group are: Mara, Brooke, Taylor, Curtis and Grace.

We have chosen Stormzy to represent our team because he is kind and generous to his fans, he also is a great rapper, he has made great songs and was featured in the song Power by Little Mix.

Our group always try to be the best they can, we find great words to use in our work and use punctuation like dashes and colons.


Mara likes to draw, swim, sing and animate. Taylor loves to play football, he likes to do gymnastics, cricket and English. Brooke likes to swim, draw, play times table rockstars and make slime. Curtis likes to do moto-cross riding, swim, sprint and play on the Xbox. Grace likes to play with slime, sprint, help key stage 1 and swim.

We appreciate that you took your time and spent reading our page. The Stormzy team says their goodbyes straight to you!