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Miss Taghizadeh (KS2 Support)

It's my ambition to be a Primary School Teacher and while completing a degree course in Primary Education through the Open University, I am enjoying spending time with the children in Year 3. My little brother (not so little anymore) used to attend Talbot Primary and I was also lucky to have done my work experience here. So, when I had the chance to volunteer at Talbot Primary, I didn't hesitate to take the opportunity. At first, I got to know the children across Reception and Year 1, followed by Year 3.


Although I was born in Poole, I had an interesting childhood growing up in Dubai whilst also spending time with relatives in Switzerland, Czech Republic and Iran. My multicultural background must have had an influence on my passion to learn languages. When I am not busy studying, I like spending time at our family restaurant (Barolo) and catching up with my friends around the world.I am hoping to spread the love of learning to all the children at Talbot!