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Mr Browne Deputy Headteacher

I love working at Talbot. I am passionate about sport, cooking and literature, which I hope is conveyed to the children that I work with.


I have two teenage daughters who keep me busy, but I am still managing to play football every week. Whilst it takes a little longer to shrug off the knocks and kicks from a Sunday morning I still think I could be the answer to the problematic left midfield spot in the England team and expect the call up any day now. I have been passing on my love of good food, (although thankfully not my weakness for cheese!) through the school cooking club, which has been really successful. It is a core belief of mine that it is our role as educators to give children the opportunities to develop their personality, knowledge and a broad range of skills to enable them to live happy, healthy and productive lives. In my role as deputy head teacher, I work with our wonderful staff to create a place that children enjoy coming to, where they develop a love for learning and find something that they can be passionate about as they move into later life.