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Mr Winton Teacher, Year Lead & Assistant Headteacher (Year 6)

My name is Mr Winton and I currently teach in Year 6. When I am not at school I can be found out and about getting up to all sorts of exciting activities!

I support Southampton which is always a bit emotional. My mood on a Saturday tends to depend on how well they perform (Mrs Winton never understands why I put myself through it).

We have a little girl called Nora who is now 6 months old. We spend a lot of our weekends out and about around Bournemouth. Whether its swimming, walking, going on days out or just visiting the library, we are always up to something. 

Music plays a big part of my life, and as such my classes are always subjected to listening to my favourite bands. Although they protest at the beginning of the year, by the end every member of my class loves Take That (especially Gary Barlow!).