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Mrs Sherren Teacher (Year 1)

I am Mrs. Sherren and I am in my third year at Talbot.


I have many years’ experience across the whole primary phase and love every aspect of it.
In my spare time I love being out and about with my gorgeous family,  listening to winter waves crashing against the sand or the squeals of children splashing in the summer. The beach has to be one of my favourite places and I don’t think I would ever be able to move far from the coast.

Another favourite hobby of mine is reading. I am unashamed to declare my love for books and just adore book shops. My children also love books so they are happy to accompany me on wet, dreary days (possibly because they also have lovely coffee shops!). Sharing my love of reading is something that I enjoy - be it with friends, family or children. I am passionate about encouraging children to find an author they love and truly believe there is at least one book or author for everyone that you just want to read again and again and again.
If I wasn’t a teacher I think I would own a bookshop a stone's throw from the beach!