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Asthma and Medication

Asthma & Medication


If you are concerned about your child's level of asthma, please consult your G.P.

If your G.P considers that your child is at risk in school, please contact the office to arrange a consultation and the composition of an asthma action plan with our first aid team.


Parents and carers must provide asthma medication that is clearly named and labelled, this medication will be kept in the child's classroom for them to self administer. If your child can not self administer their inhaler, you must contact the first aid team to complete a health care plan.


Coughing alone is not a sign of covid infection, it is normally associated with a high temperature. If you are in any doubt that your child may have covid-19, please attend a test centre to have this confirmed.


We are anticipating that children will come in with coughs and sniffles, we will temperature check these pupils and contact you immediately if we have any concerns about their health.


Any children that needs to have medication administered in school, must contact the school office to make arrangements for giving the school the medication and filling out the relevant paperwork.