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Drop off and Pick Up Update

Drop off and Pick Up


This is now the third day of our full reopening and we have had to adjust our plans and risk assessments based on the reality of trying to ensure the safety of all of the school community. We are making further changes today, which are detailed below, as we strive to get the most effective systems in place.

The morning arrangements appear to be working well currently, but it is the end of the day that needs to be altered slightly.


It has been really heartening to have received so much support from so many of you and recognition of the challenges we face in trying to follow the government guidance whilst fully reopening. A number of parents have also raised their specific concerns with us, some of which are addressed below.


Year 1, 2 and 3

* Arrangements will remain the same, with the exception that older siblings may meet parents at the pick-up area of their youngest sibling at the end of the day.

* Please make your way home quickly as soon as you have collected your children and do not gather in groups to chat with other parents.


Year 4, 5 & 6

* Any children in these three year groups, who have siblings in Years 1, 2 or 3 will go to the pick-up area of their youngest sibling, to meet their parents and younger brothers or sisters. This will reduce the number of children leaving from the main entrance and reduce the number of parents waiting outside the gates.


* Year 4 pupils will be released from the main entrance of the school at 3pm. If you only have a child in this year group and you are meeting them, please decide on a pick up point that is further down the road away from the entrances to avoid congestion. Once you have met your child, please make your way home swiftly to help reduce congestion.  If you have a child in Year 4 and younger children, the Year 4 child may meet you at the pick-up points of their youngest sibling.


* Years 5 & 6 will be released at 3.10pm.  Similarly, to the suggestion for Year 4 pupils, if as parents you need to collect your child (and you don’t have any younger children), please arrange a meeting point with them, which is away from the entrances and make your way home as soon as you have met your child.


General Points

* Many parents have contacted the school to raise their concern about parents and children going to the park and not maintaining any form of social distancing. The school is unable to prevent this, but would ask that parents use their judgement and avoid this area when busy.


* Similarly, many parents have asked us to point out that they are having to squeeze past groups of parents chatting before and after school, even when those parents have collected their children. Please take your children home as soon as you have collected them.


* Remember, only one adult to drop off or pick up please.

* We are a large school with a significant number of children and parents. Even though we are utilising four entrances to the site, there will inevitably be areas of the school where pinch points occur. It is at these points that we need the children and adults to help us by trying to move through and away from these areas as quickly as possible.


* Disabled parking – If you are eligible to use the disabled parking bays in the visitor car park, please do so and wherever possible allow your child to walk in to school on their own. If you have younger children, please contact the school office who will arrange for a member of staff to come and escort the child into school. Once you have dropped your child please vacate the parking spaces.


As always, thank you for your support.