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World Book Day 2021

World Book Day: Thursday 4th March 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


World Book Day 2021 is almost upon us!


As we will still be in lockdown on Thursday 4th March, the day will be a little bit different to other years – but there will be plenty to do and enjoy. Our blended learning will not be following our normal timetable – instead your teachers are busy planning a day of activities all connected with reading. They will send you all the details you need with the normal weekly/daily plan. There will be a page on our school website dedicated to World Book Day.


£1 Book Tokens

A digital book token has been emailed to you. You will be able to exchange this for one of the special World Book Day Books or put it towards another book at participating book shops. You don’t need to print it, it can be redeemed by showing it on a phone.

Full details here:


Look inside the books here:



We are running a competition. We want you to take a photo of yourself as an ‘extreme reader’ – up a tree, in a cupboard, buried in sand… anywhere so long as it is safe and your parents or carers say it is ok. Email your pictures to your class teacher. One winner from each year group will receive a £10 National Book Token.


All Day, Books at Bedtime!

We won’t be dressing-up this year, as we understand it will be hard to get costumes in the current climate. So alternatively, in the essence of ‘Books at Bedtime’, you can spend the day snuggled in your pyjamas – what better way to enjoy reading your books! Obviously, you will need to make sure your PJs are suitable for the zoom meetings and, if you are in school, you will need to ensure you are warm enough. Please wear proper shoes or trainers (slippers are not acceptable for school as breaktimes etc will be happening as normal). You will still need a coat to wear outside (not a dressing gown). Please be especially mindful of what you wear if you have PE on that day.


Best wishes,


Mr Garner

English Lead