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BCP Children’s services
First Response
T. 01202 123334 Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5.15pm, Friday: 8.30am to 4.45pm or 
Out of hours
T. 01202 738256 or 
The latest contact details for the assessment team are:
Tel: 01202 128885 or 
Local safeguarding guidance documents for BCP  schools are on the PDSCP web site.
We encourage you to have the Family Information Directory in a prominent place as you can then direct families and staff to this . It has a wide range of information. 
Domestic Abuse
Additional advice on identifying children who are affected by domestic abuse and how they can be helped is available 
here and here.
The school website provides contacts to local domestic abuse services such as National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000247, Poole Domestic Abuse Outreach: 01202 710777.

Educate against hate has lots of information about Prevent for your web site., staff briefings and the recommended training. See also our last DSL newsletter and Act early.
Criminal exploitation
NSPCC Criminal exploitation has good information for your website.
Rail/road/water safety
The person I referred to who leads on rail safety and it would be good for you to talk to about your individual situation is 
Marcia Burnett and you can find more information for your web site on Network Rail safety website. The RNLI have a lot of offer about water safety.
Here you can find out about education resources available regarding Road safety.
Harmful sexual abuse
The link to the local procedures is 
here and the NSPCC is also useful.
Drugs and alcohol
The link to the YADAS service is 
Anti bullying
Anti bullying Alliance provides a lot of advice for parents and young people. For staff, The Anti bullying alliance now offers 11 free training courses including sexual bullying, the latest edition. All provide a CPD certificate.
Dorset Police
Dorset police website has a lot of information which can be used for the school safeguarding page and training up-dates