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Super Worm

Super Worm


This week we have been learning about Super Worm and how he can use his wriggly body to save the day. We have loved reciting the Super Worm chant, which we have written out below so that you can practice at home!



In Phonics the phonemes that we have learnt are: h, b, f, ff, l, ll. We have been able to apply these new phonemes to blend words such as h-o-p, b-a-t, f-i-t, p-u-ff, l-i-p and f-i-ll. This week's Tricky Word has been no.









This weeks phonemes.

Still image for this video


In Maths we have been learning the names of 2D shapes and learning how to recognise them within the environment and within other pictures. We can also describe the properties of 2D shapes, such as knowing how many sides or corners a shape has.



Super Worm chant

"Super worm is super long,

Super worm is super strong,

See him wiggle,

Watch him squirm,

Hip hip hooray for Super Worm!