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People that help us

People that help us

This week we have learnt that not all super heroes wear a cape and a mask. We have been talking about people who help us such as Fire men, Doctors, Paramedics, Vets and many more. We have recreated the jobs we are familiar with in the small world using characters, made hats for the role play and even made ladders to rescue a cat from a tree.

Thank you to all the adults that are staying safe and wearing a mask.



This week in phonics we have been learning that letters make sounds known to us a phonemes. The phonemes we have learnt this week are


Please practice these we us at home as often as you can. Below is a video showing how to pronounce the phonemes.


pronunciation of phonemes taught this week.

Still image for this video


Now that we have learnt 4 phonemes we can now begin to read words but first we need to practice blending. Below is a video demonstrating how we blend words at school.

blending phonemes to read words

Still image for this video


In maths this week we have been introduced to the mathematical language of more than/fewer than. We have been applying this new language when comparing quantities and challenging ourselves to use this language during challenge time.