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Week 1 I am Henry Finch

I am Henry Finch


This week we have read the story 'I am Henry Finch' and learnt that Henry Finch was the very first finch to have a thought. We explored what Henry Finch was thinking and realised how important our thoughts can be. We even discussed what we have all been thinking and created some lovely thought bubbles to show this!



This week in phonics we have begun Phase 3 Phonics and have learnt:



Tricky word of the week:



Jolly Phonics Songs:


Jolly Phonics J للصف الأول - YouTube

Jolly Phonics V - YouTube

Jolly Phonics W - YouTube - 

Jolly Phonics X - YouTube




In our Maths this week we have been looking at recognising and continuing patterns. This has been a great way to get out all of our building blocks, lego and duplo to see if we could make our own AB repeating pattern towers! On Friday we even went on a walk around our school searching for patterns in the environment!