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Week 2 Supertato


This week we have finished the story of Supertato. We have made traps to capture Evil Pea,  made Jelly and on  Friday when our jelly had set we found that Evil Pea was trapped inside!


This week we have learnt the phonemes


We have learnt the tricky word


Below is a video showing how to pronounce the phonemes.


This week we have been learning to count accurately to 5. We have also been subitising, this is when we can recognise a group of items without counting them.

Don't count, say the amount!

We can now subitise to 3.

Fine Motor

Below is a video of a fine motor activity that you can try at home. Developing your fine motor skills makes pencil control easier.


As the weather is getting colder and you start to wear your coat to school, here is an easy hack for putting your coat on independently.

Next Week

Next week we are learning about people that help us. Can you find out what people in our community do to help us. It could be a police person, fire person, ambulance driver, post person etc..