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Week 4 Look Up part 2

Look Up


This week we have continued looking at the story 'Look Up' and discussing what each of the characters were feeling throughout. We discussed our favourite parts, noticing that we all enjoy different things, and were then able to draw a picture of this to support our discussions. 





This week in phonics we have learnt:

digraphs - ai/ee/oa

trigraph - igh


Tricky word of the week




Jolly Phonics Songs


Jolly phonics- ' ai ' song #jollyphonicsongs - YouTube


Jolly phonics- ' ee / or ' song #jollyphonicsongs - YouTube


Jolly phonics- ' oa ' song #jollyphonicsongs - YouTube


Jolly Phonics 'ie' - British Accent - YouTube





In Maths this week we have been learning to recognise 2D shapes and describe their properties, using the language sides and corners to support this. In addition to 2D shapes we have also been using our positional language to describe where objects are, using the language: in front of, behind, under and besides.