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Wow Work!

Picture 1 Austin's fantastic pirate story!
Picture 2 Christopher created his very own island
Picture 3 Coco's Lego pirate ship
Picture 4 Dylan made his own 3D sculpture of an island
Picture 5 Edie's beautiful rainbow
Picture 6 Darcy completed the animal alphabet!
Picture 7 Eleanor made elephants out of milk cartoons
Picture 8 Neive and the Frankland family's salt dough
Picture 9 Sarah wrote a fact file about Syria!
Picture 10 Jessica's bird feeder
Picture 11 Gael's diary of his time at home
Picture 12 Ansh made a coin caterpillars!
Picture 13 Alexis has been creating a time capsule!
Picture 14 Ansh has painted a beautfiul blossum tree
Picture 15 Eliza has been busy weighing and measuring objects
Picture 16 Neive's been doing some great sentences
Picture 17 Ryan designed and created a castle!
Picture 18 Alexis wrote a fantastic newspaper article
Picture 19 Gael made Talbot out of his Playmobil
Picture 20 Isla's butterflies have hatched!
Picture 21 Jenna has been practicing her handwriting
Picture 22 Jessica has been writing sentences in her book
Picture 23 Lacey's wonderful poem
Picture 24 Porcha's acrostic poem
Picture 25 Roxy's been making yummy banana flapjacks
Picture 26 Samuel has been playing shops with his sister
Picture 27 Thea has been learning about Egypt