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Wow Work!

On this page we have uploaded some super work that has been completed at home!

Well done to all of you who have made it on to this page!

Picture 1 Anya's super poem about lockdown
Picture 2 Macey's gorgeous poster about VE Day
Picture 3 Alicia's informative VE Day Factfile
Picture 4 Daniils's excellent factors and multiples poster
Picture 5 Paige's super leaflet about Talbot Primary.
Picture 6 Joshie's fabulous poster about Talbot Primary.
Picture 7 Paige's delicious Easter cake.
Picture 8 Paige's informative poster - the digestive system.
Picture 9 Cameron's colourful poster advertising Talbot.
Picture 10 Alicia's eye-catching poster advertising Talbot.
Picture 11 Eloise's beautifully written, super story extract
Picture 12 Daniils's beautiful artwork with flowers and ice.
Picture 13 Daniils's informative poster about fractions.
Picture 14 Joshie's multiplication and division poster
Picture 15 Cameron's fantastic acrostic poem about Mr Bartram
Picture 16 Daisy's thoughtful care home letter.
Picture 17 Paige's detailed model of a castle.
Picture 18 Daniils's creative texture collage.
Picture 19 Scarlet's fictional diary entry full of suspense!
Picture 20 Anya's persuasive brochure using all of AFOREST.
Picture 21 Tula's super positive acrostic poem about Talbot.
Picture 22 Daniils's acrostic poem thanking Talbot!
Picture 23 Rosa making Mr Browne's soda bread
Picture 24 Ready for the oven
Picture 25 Rosa's finished soda bread lunch!