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Wow Work

On this page we have uploaded some super learning that has been completed at home. Well done to all of you!

Seahorse Class

Seahorse Class 1 Megan's wonderful writing
Seahorse Class 2 Feras loves eating fruit
Seahorse Class 3 Aslan's independent writing.
Seahorse Class 4 Feras's hungry Caterpillar
Seahorse Class 5 Megan's colourful planet.
Seahorse Class 6 Aslan's delicious fruit skewers.
Seahorse Class 7 Emily is counting in twos to solve problems.
Seahorse Class 8 Dr Maizey's ambulance.
Seahorse Class 9 Emily's face from nature.
Seahorse Class 10 Maizey's amazing writing.
Seahorse Class 11 Mollie busy being creative with junk modeling.
Seahorse Class 12 Sophia's rainbow for her window.
Seahorse Class 13 Emily- What i want to be.
Seahorse Class 14 Feras's Rainbow fish maths
Seahorse Class 15 Jack being creative.
Seahorse Class 16 Jack's beanstalk counting.
Seahorse Class 17 Lorena's wonderful maths.
Seahorse Class 18 Lorena's Rainbow fish.
Seahorse Class 19 Olivia's problem solving.
Seahorse Class 20 Olivia's homemade theatre
Seahorse Class 21 Amelia colouring in the Rainbow fish
Seahorse Class 22 Jesse solved the robot problem
Seahorse Class 23 Jesse learning how to tell the time.

Shells Class

Shells Class 1 Kamil's fabulous reading!
Shells Class 2 Jan working hard on his reading!
Shells Class 3 Alice enjoying some reading with her brother!
Shells Class 4 One cool car designed and then created by Arley!
Shells Class 5 Eli creating some brilliant number rockets!
Shells Class 6 Cooking time with Charlotte, YUM!
Shells Class 7 Fantastic artwork by Leila!
Shells Class 8 Leila's wonderful number slides!
Shells Class 9 Michael enjoying his playdough shape time!
Shells Class 10 Reading time for Nikolas!
Shells Class 11 Evie mixing colours for her Rainbow Fish!
Shells Class 12 Kieran trying hard on his wonderful maths work!
Shells Class 13 Oscar practising his formation!
Shells Class 14 Zofia having fun outside!

Starfish Class

Starfish Class 1 William's Amazing Maths
Starfish Class 2 Maddie's amazing writing.
Starfish Class 3
Starfish Class 4 Jake learning to ride his bike
Starfish Class 5 Kira being a messy baker!
Starfish Class 6 Nicole and her beautfiul collage
Starfish Class 7 Ilya's creative spider web.
Starfish Class 8 Annalise caring for a poorly bird.
Starfish Class 9 Henry and his brother making homes for tadpoles.
Starfish Class 10 Elsie's Amazing Bird House
Starfish Class 11 Benji's careful counting