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Welcome to Year 3 Autumn 1 2021



In Literacy lessons this half term we will be initially looking at the book "How to Wash a Hairy Mammoth" More information about our next text will come in September. The class will also have a separate class reader which will be read at the end of most days by the teacher and spellings to learn. See the homework section below  



This half term we will be initially focusing on Place Value then moving on to Addition and Subtraction. We will also be focusing on our times tables using TT Rockstars and Numberlink lessons. See below Homework



In Science this half term children will be exploring light and answering the Key Question "What makes a Shadow ?"  We will explore the direction of light, reflective surfaces, light sources, sun safety and the terms transparent, translucent and opaque. Please see the K.O in the useful information section below.  



This half term our History lessons will about the Stone Age.  Children will answer the key question "How do we know about the Stone Age ?" We will explore Stone Age food, Artifacts, the Neolithic Period, Stonehenge, the Bronze and Iron Age. Please see the K.O. in the useful information section below.



1. SPELLINGS. Each Friday children will be tested on spellings. Many of these will come from the Yr 3 / Year 4 Statutory spelling lists. (See the Useful Documents section below) New spelling will also be given out that day for the following week. The children will be given a "Spelling-Shed" log in towards the start of the year which will allow them to complete the set computer based spelling activities.

2. READING Your child will be given a AR (Accelerated Reading) range towards the start of the year. They will then be able to choose books from the shelves by the back door that match this. Every morning they will read for 20 minutes in class. When they have finished a book they will answer questions on the book using a school computer. This will award them points depending on their understanding of the book and help them progress towards their own target. It they are able to reach their target each half term they will be able to pick a prize scroll with a special reward . As well as this reading in school, child should read to an adult at home at least three times a week. This should be recorded in their Reading Records which will be brought into school for checking every Monday.

3. TIMES TABLES. We will start the year refreshing the 2 , 5 and 10 times tables to fill any gaps from Lock-Down before tackling the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. A fun and engaging way to practice these tables is through the website TT Rockstars. Very soon in the year they will receive their log-in for this. Please see the class teacher if you have any difficulty accessing this website.




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