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Summer 2 isolator lessons

Afternoon plan

The plan for afternoons is located here.


Week Beginning 19th July: Maths.

Work through this unit on position and direction, one lesson each day.


Wednesday 21st July English


Tuesday 20th July English


19/07/21 - English

Plan is located here.


15/07/21 - Maths

Drawing symmetrical figures


15/07/21 - English

Take the writing that you did yesterday and create a new page for the book. 


The new page should include your writing from yesterday, an illustration of the animal speaking and the jungle in the background.  Give it lots of colour, just like the original!


14/07/21 - Maths

Symmetry patterns


English 14/07/21

Follow the instructions on the slide here.


13/07/21 - Maths (symmetry)


Symmetry lesson


Challenge: Quadrilateral problems lesson (extension from yesterday)


13/07/21 - English (reading and responding)


Read the book 'The Great Kapok Tree'.


Make a note of the name of each animal and what their reason was for not cutting down the tree.


Write three paragraphs, explaining which three animals that you agree with the most, and why.


12/07/21 - Maths (2D shape)


Quadrilateral lesson


Triangle lesson


Triangle lesson 2