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Year 6

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Hello and welcome to the Year 6 page. 


If you would like to know more about the curriculum to understand the skills and knowledge your children will be learning then please click on the link below

Welcome to Year 6! - we do hope that your child has a successful year.


Please use the email address below should you want to contact a member of staff.


We also use the app Marvellous Me to contact classes or the whole year group - the office can help you with a code for your phone should you need it.


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Teaching Assistant

Year 6 SATs Presentation

Year 6 Homework 2021 - 2022

In year 6 we expect the children to do the following home learning:-

  • Read every night for at least 20 minutes
  • Log onto and use TT Rockstars for a minimum of 15 minutes a week
  • Complete all Spelling Shed homework


Children may be given "one off homeworks" - e.g. "Find out about light and rainbows"


By the end of year 4 - children are expected to know all their times tables so if this is not the case please access TT Rockstars far more than the suggested time!


Some children might be given handwriting homework if required.


To help a child reach the expected standard in English and maths at the end of year 6, the minimum requirement is to be able to read fluently and know their time tables - daily home reading and times tables practice at home will help enormously - they will then find the May "SATS" tests more manageable...


Does your child know times tables inverses?

Many children know...


8 x 9 = 72


do they know...


How many 8's in 72?


Home Reading and Accelerated Reader


From 08.40 to 9.00 am children read silently and usually individually in class. When they have completed a book - EG Fantastic Mr Fox, they have to take a test on this book to establish how accurately they have read it.

Children gain points for correct answers and this contributes to their accelerated reader score. Each child has an individual target of points to reach each half term...


Children can only do accelerated reader tests at school.


Teachers are able to monitor who is reading regularly, both at home and school, by the number of points they have amassed...Any child significantly behind with their reading will be given extra support at play and lunchtimes.


Reading at home, to an adult, is one of the most effective pieces of homework a primary school child can do.



By the end of year 6, children are expected to be able to spell all of the words listed below

Year 6 Science

This half term in science, we have been learning that light travels in straight lines. We have also investigated how the size of a shadow can change.


The children (if we have time!) will construct their own periscopes!