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School Admissions Appeals Timetable (2024/25)

Parents/carers should click HERE for the Hamwic Education Trust Admission Appeals webpage for admission appeals information and to lodge an appeal via the online Appeals Portal.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

The planned admission Number (PAN) or standard number is 90 children per year.

Children begin school in September of the academic year they become 5, initially on a part-time (mornings only) basis for the first two weeks. From the end of September all children commence full time education. Parents, in consultation with the headteacher can defer their child’s admission to school. All children must be in full time attendance from the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday.

Criteria for admission of ‘out of area’ pupils is governed by the Local Education Office.
Please contact the school office or BCP Councils Children, Young People and Learning for a preference form and booklet. The form should be completed and returned to BCP Councils Children, Young People and Learning. For further information please see the school office or contact BCP Councils Children, Young People and Learning on 01202 261936. You should receive notification the following April if a place is available.

The school offers places to all applicants irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity or country of origin, disability or academic ability. We are also in-line with the SEN Code of Practice where we are legally required to admit a child with a statement of special needs issued by the local authority. Therefore a pupil with disability faces no disadvantage with regards to admission to the school. If a child with disability seeks admission to school, we would ask you to give as much information as possible in advance regarding their disability in order to ensure that reasonable adjustment have been made by the time the child is admitted.

The school has an accessibility plan which is regularly monitored and updated and which takes into account the delivery of curriculum, physical accessibility and communication. Staff are aware of their responsibility to make reasonable adjustments and to ensure that disabled pupils are not treated less favourably. Staff training is arranged as appropriate.

During the term before your child is due to start school you will be invited to a welcome meeting to learn more about the school and meet the Headteacher, class teachers and teaching assistants for our youngest children. Arrangements will be made for your child to spend a little time in their prospective classroom before they start school.

Before your child starts school the staff will also plan a visit to see your child in their pre-school setting. After your child starts school your child’s teacher will visit you and your child at home.

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