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15 children have been trained to act as mediators in a dispute between their peers without help from teachers. This empowers children and develops their sense of community and co-operation. The school and classroom become more peaceful, allowing more teaching and learning to take place.

Peer mediation takes place in a structured and safe environment with adult supervision nearby and always requires the participation of two peer mediators. Peer mediators deal with low-level disputes and always refer to school staff when a situation becomes too complex for them to handle. All incidents are recorded by the mediators at the time, which Mr Winton then looks over at the end of each day.

The steps each mediator follows are:-

- Set out the 5 main rules of Peer Mediation
- Hear both sides of the story
- Share feelings
- Discuss a solution
- Agreement

The children who request the help of our mediators must agree to these 5 rules before starting the process:-

- You must want to solve the problem
- Respect each other
- Only speak when it is your turn
- Be Honest
- An adult will take over if an agreement isn’t reached