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At Talbot we are very proud of our musical reputation. Music enables children to share their success and be part of a group in an uplifting and exciting way. Singing, performing, composing and listening to and appreciating music are all chances to express feelings and have the satisfaction of sounding amazing as a whole group. It is also possible to experience different cultures and time periods through music.

The school has an incredibly well equipped music room that is totally separate from the main school, providing an excellent environment for children to experience and develop different music techniques as loudly as they like!

We make as many opportunities for children to hear exciting forms of music as possible. This year we have invited specialists in to work with year 6 to look at Folk music as a focus and year 3 will enjoy an outside concert with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra brass ensemble. We are looking forward to singing workshops and Indian and African instrument sessions next year. 

We have talented peripatetic teachers who provide lessons for violin, brass, guitar, piano and drums. Children then have the opportunity to take part in concerts and community events. We also have a large choir that sing at events both in and outside of school.

Specialist music teaching in Key Stage 2 allows all pupils the chance to learn instruments as a whole class and have that special feeling of performing. A successful performance always boosts confidence and promotes pride in what the children can achieve, when they have learnt a new skill. It also improves levels of concentration and all of these are transferable skills to the rest of the curriculum.