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Sport at Talbot Primary School

Talbot Primary school has numerous opportunities and facilities for sports and physical education. Outside we have a large area including three grass football pitches used for 7-a-side and 9-a-side, netball and basketball courts, long jump pits and a fitness trail. Our grounds are big enough for our children to enjoy a nature walk around the school’s perimeter.

In addition to our outdoor space, we have an indoor heated swimming pool – 17 metres by 8 metres. All year groups, including reception, use the pool during the year and have ½ termly blocks of swimming lessons. We employ a dedicated swimming teacher to teach swimming who is ably supported by members of staff who have had swimming and lifeguard training. It is wonderful seeing our reception age children learning to swim.

We also have a school hall where gymnastics, dance and indoor ball games can take place. Our equipment includes wall bars, ropes, gym mats, tables and balance beams. All year groups use the hall for their gymnastics and dance sessions.

Every summer we have an annual sports day for all the children at our school – this is well attended by large numbers of parents.

All these facilities would be little used without our wonderful members of staff. Many members of staff still play competitive sports themselves and are very keen to pass on their enthusiasm to the children. We often have fund raising days e.g. Sport Relief where children experience a day of sport and raise money for a worthy cause too.

The school also employs a dedicated P.E. teacher who teaches KS2 and some KS1 P.E lessons. The working hours of this role have been designed so he is able to run five after school clubs free of charge to parents. These after school club have a rotation system in place so all year groups get the opportunity to experience a range of activities.

New to 2022/2023!

Talbot are proud to now be part of Pavilion Dance's learning associates programme starting this academic year. We are keen as a school to raise the profile of dance, as we know the important benefits of dancing to our both our physical and mental health. 

During the first term, Year 1 enjoyed taking part in some street dance sessions lead by professional artists. The children were then proud to perform their dance to parents as part of their Christmas concert. Year 3 also took part in some street dance linking to their topic of 'forces' in Science. 

This partnership will continue for the rest of year which will allow all year groups to enjoy and take part in high quality dance.