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Term 3 (Spring 1)


In Maths this term we will begin by completing our Introduction to Multiplication unit which we began last term. Following this, our next unit will be Introduction to Division Structures. In Year 2 we follow the NCETM Curriculum Map. More information on this can be found here: NCETM Curriculum Map

Pupils will also undertake Mastering Number sessions four times a week with their class teacher. These sessions focus on subitising, numerical composition and some addition and subtraction facts. 


Our literary theme this term is ‘Bravery vs Fear’,

The children will first read The Bear Under the Stairs by Helen Cooper. This is a three-week unit during which the children will use it as a model to write letters from the main character to the bear and back. Children will also write their own story of a child who is scared of something that might be in the house. Children write a comparison between real bears and toy bears. After this, we will look at The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield. In this three-week unit, children will arrive to class to discover an advert and, after being given tickets, attend a ‘concert’ of piano music. They then write statements as predictions before going on to use contracted verbs to write letters of advice. After drawing on the author’s use of language to create noun phrases, they write a short news report before briefly bouncing out into a non-fiction piece where they research their chosen member of an ‘Animal Orchestra’. This new character becomes the main protagonist in an own version narrative.


Little Wandle (Phonics & Spelling)

This term, pupils will begin the Little Wandle Year 2 Spelling scheme. Those that require further phonics teaching will recap gaps in their phonic knowledge instead.

Below shows the spelling rules we will cover this term, as well as our 'prickly spellings' and homophones we will teach.


We will also continue the Little Wandle reading groups which will run 3 times a week. TheseBig Cat for Little Wandle Fluency: Levels 1 to 10 Complete Set sessions will focus on decoding, prosody and comprehension. At the end of the week, pupils will bring home the book they have been reading to share with those at home. Home reading should be an opportunity for your child to show you the skills they have learnt in their Reading sessions that week.

Many pupils will now be reading books from the Little Wandle Fluency scheme - longer chapter books which stretch our pupils knowledge of vocabulary and extend their weekly 'reading miles'. These books are a perfect stepping stone which build on the previous scheme used whilst preparing our pupils for reading longer books in KS2.


Our History topic this term is Pirates. Pupils will be answering the question – Why did sailors become pirates? Through this topic, children will draw comparisons between pirates in history and modern day pirates from Somalia. Further to this, there will also be case studies on historical figures such as Harry Paye and Sir Francis Drake. They will also learn about how piracy has links with our local area.


Our Science topic this term is Living Things and Their Habitats. Through this topic pupils will answer the key question – “Why do organisms live where they do?” Pupils will draw comparisons between different living organisms and learn key vocabulary such as ecosystem, habitat, environment and ecology. They will work scientifically to classify and record their finding. They will also investigate how conditions affect the number and type of organisms that live in an area.



In DT, pupils will be designing, building and testing their own sailing boats.



Religion & Worldviews

In our R&W topic this term, we will focus on XXXXXXXXXXX and answer the question “XXXXXXXXXXX?”



In PSHE our topic is XXXXXXXXXXXX. Through this topic pupils will ......



This term our PE days are:






On these days can your child please come to school wearing their PE kit.


Our PE focusses for the term are XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX