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To access Zoom, you need to register using the web address below:

There is no need to link to a school when asked, simply click past and register. Alternatively, you can download the app to a phone or tablet.

Safeguarding rules of using Zoom:

  • To safeguard all children, all meeting ID and passwords will only be sent through MarvellousMe, texts and emails so please make sure we have your most up to date contact details.
  • We ask that the ID and password are not shared on social media or any other online platforms which anyone can access.
  • If you can't access the details for the meeting, please email the respective year group address and details will be sent via this method. 
  • During the meetings, we also ask that there is an adult present. This way, we can ensure the children are accessing the learning, and behaviour can be managed appropriately both ends of the session. 
  • Teachers will only admit people once we can see the name of the child joining. If the name appears just as 'iPhone' or 'Samsung Tablet' we cannot grant access to the meeting.
  • All sessions will be locked after 5 minutes of the given start time. This means no one can join after this point. 

The safety of all children is of the utmost importance, and whilst Zoom offers a wonderful chance to keep in contact with your children and support them with their learning, I am sure you appreciate that measures need to be taken to ensure their online safety.